Small and Medium Fleets: Transitioning to Clean Vehicles & Fuels

April 5, 2023

The increased adoption of clean fleet technologies and alternative fuels is driven by accelerated vehicle availability, proven performance, regulations, customer demand, and funding opportunities. The transportation industry sees these changes daily, but what may surprise many is the growing number of small and medium fleets leading this transition. 

Join leading small and medium fleets to learn how they innovate with sustainable technologies, overcome challenges, and capture the business benefits of deploying advanced clean vehicles and fuels.

This webinar will provide insight into:

  • How small and medium fleets use renewable fuels with compressed natural gas, propane, battery electric, and even fuel cell electric vehicles.
  • Which business, operational, and performance benefits small and medium fleets gain from sustainable technology use. 
  • Which sustainable technologies are cost-effective, proven, and generate a near-term ROI, including “drop-in” solutions such as efficiency, biodiesel, and renewable diesel.
  • What types of incentives and low-carbon fuel programs small and medium fleets can leverage to reduce the cost of adopting new technologies.
  • How small and medium fleets overcome challenges with new technology adoption, such as up-front costs, training and education, maintenance / service / parts availability, over-the-road fueling, etc. 

Webinar Speakers

Keith Wilson

President & CEO

TITAN Freight Systems

Tony Williamson

Director, Compliance and Sustainability

Total Transportation Services (TTSI)

Lisa McAbee

Vice President

McAbee Trucking, Inc.

Nate Springer

Vice President, Market Development

Gladstein Neandross & Associates