Transitioning to a Truly Sustainable Fleet

February 22, 2022

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A growing number of today’s leading fleets are adopting multiple sustainable technologies. But how are they managing integration of so many new platforms with existing gasoline and diesel operations, and how do they get these cleaner technologies, some of which are still developing, to work together? In this webinar, you will hear from experts in sustainable fleet technology on how to plan for and integrate your first, second, and tenth new type of clean vehicle technology to improve performance and reduce emissions.

This webinar will provide insight into: 

  • How to successfully plan for, manage, and integrate new technologies such as battery electric vehicles and infrastructure into your existing fleet operations, which may include CNG and other vehicles running on renewable fuels 
  • The importance of telematics and data-driven insights for fleet optimization, efficiency improvements, and seamless management  
  • How a well-managed transition to a cleaner fleet will help maximize efficiency, save maintenance costs, minimize fuel spend, reduce emissions, and improve your bottom line 
  • Ideas for training technicians, maintenance team, and drivers on mature technologies like renewable diesel and CNG while beginning to adopt emerging technologies such as battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles 

Webinar Speakers

Charlotte Argue

Senior Manager, Fleet Electrification


Philip Saunders

Philip Saunders

Division Director, Green Fleet Program

City of Seattle

Emily Conway

Emily Conway

Fleet Sustainability Manager


Nate Springer

Nate Springer

Senior Director, Market Development

Gladstein Neandross & Associates