Good Data Leads to Great Results

The data collected from this survey will contribute to the 2021 State of Sustainable Fleets report. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. Survey results will be aggregated and remain completely anonymous.

2020 Key Findings

Sustainable Fleets Are Growing

Sustainable vehicle and fuel use is growing across all categories of medium- and heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicles: natural gas, propane, battery electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Sustainable Technology More Than a Trend

98% of fleets surveyed currently using sustainable technology expect to continue at the same level or increase their use of these vehicles and fuels.

Sustainability a Top Fleet Motivator

Sustainability is the top motivator for purchasing decisions among early adopter public, private, and even for-hire fleets in deploying clean vehicle technologies.

Renewable Fuels Can Perform

Fleets confirm there is no performance loss when switching to most renewable fuels—diesel, natural gas, and electricity—and would use more when it is a cost-neutral, drop-in replacement.

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