Fleet Types Leading Adoption

  • Refuse

  • School Bus

  • Municipal/Shuttle

  • Urban Delivery

  • Utility


With simple, low cost fueling infrastructure and advancements in engine technology that have achieved ultra-low emission levels, propane use is growing especially when low fuel and infrastructure costs matter most.

  • Fuel Cost Savings

  • Comparable Maintenance

  • Very Low Infrastructure Cost

  • Fuel Supply Availability

  • Quiet Operation

  • Cleaner Working Environment

  • Reduced Emissions


With a focus on a small segment of fleet types, the OEM model availability and support networks are not as robust as some clean technologies.

  • Limited Parts Supply

  • Reduced Mileage (Compared to Gasoline)

  • Complications with Some Conversions

Most of our propane customers put their own infrastructure in and were satisfied. Many companies will drop a tank on a location for free. — Penske

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Propane (LPG) Vehicles