Fleet Types Leading Adoption

  • Short Haul (HD)

  • Transit

  • Municipal/Shuttle

  • Urban Delivery


Demonstrations and early-commercial FCEV products may offer fleets another zero emission pathway and the range and fueling times fleets expect from gasoline and diesel vehicles.

  • Torque/Acceleration

  • Fueling times can be comparable

  • Cleaner Working Environment

  • Quiet Operation

  • Zero Emissions

  • No Odor


As the most nascent technology, significant cost, vehicle availability, and infrastructure challenges remain to be resolved before the technology is mature.

  • No Public Infrastructure (Outside of California)

  • Limited Fuel Supply

  • Fuel Cost Premium

  • Service and Support Limitations

  • Sustained Power Output Difficulties

It provides good power and it doesn't smell like diesel. There’s much lower vibration in the cab compared to diesel trucks. — TTSI

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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles