Fleet Types Leading Adoption

  • Short Haul (HD)

  • Transit

  • School Bus

  • Municipal/Shuttle

  • Urban Delivery

  • Utility


Promising fleets lower maintenance and fueling costs with the proper management, this zero emission technology achieves early commercialization milestones while continuing to dominate headlines.

  • Fuel Cost Savings

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Torque/Acceleration

  • Quiet Operation

  • Driver Satisfaction

  • Cleaner Working Environment

  • No Odor

  • Zero Emission


With infrastructure, technology, and cost barriers to overcome, battery electric vehicles still face challenges on the path to widescale commercialization and deployment.

  • Extremely Limited Public Infrastructure

  • Higher Vehicle Capital Cost

  • Reduced Range

  • Slow Refueling Time

  • Service and Support Difficulties

  • Reduced Payload

Drivers absolutely love them. One driver said that the electric tractor is by far the best truck he's ever driven. It also helps that we’re seeing savings on fuel. — NFI

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Battery Electric Vehicles